Cycle in Scotland: Atholl Estates

If you’re looking to cycle in Scotland, Atholl Estates affords excellent cycling opportunities for riders of all abilities. We welcome responsible cyclists on our estate roads and tracks, and encourage them to enjoy the outstanding natural beauty of the area.

Perthshire is one of the most popular regions to cycle in Scotland. Its mixture of gently rolling plains and rugged Highland tracks provides an exciting blend of terrain for cyclists, allowing you to pick a route that suits your skill level perfectly.

Whether your passion is for mountain biking or road riding, a visit to Atholl Estates is a must for anyone looking for exciting and engaging places to cycle in Scotland.

Cycle Scotland: Guidelines


We have an excellent network of cycle tracks that take you through the forests and out into the wild reaches of the estate, providing hours of enjoyable mountain biking and trail riding. However, please remember that this is a working estate and follow these guidelines:

  • Give way to estate vehicles.
  • Stop for our trekking ponies and let them pass you. If you come up behind them, please call out and let them know you are there - ponies may not hear you cycling up behind them and may take fright if you appear silently! 
  • Slow down for walkers, and let them know if you are coming up behind them. 
  • Always cycle in control - you don't know who or what might be around the corner.
    Avoid cycling where you will cause significant damage to the path - it can take years to repair in upland areas.


We are trying to replace all our stiles with gates, to make it easier for cyclists and mountain bikers to access the estate. However, please, please remember - IF YOU OPEN A GATE, SHUT IT BEHIND YOU.

Thank you for enjoying our estate responsibly.

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