Hillphone & Deer Stalking

Deer stalking is important both to bring revenue to the Estate and to keep the deer population under control. If the deer population becomes too high, the herd becomes less healthy and the moorland or grassland where they graze gets degraded.

Red deer stalking takes place between 1st July and 15th February (stag stalking 1st July – 20th October and hind stalking from 21st October to 15th February). The most important period is from 1st August to 20th October. During this shorter period we ask hillwalkers to plan their route so as to cause minimum disturbance to the stalking. Our Hillphone provides daily information on deer stalking throughout this period. Phone the Hillphone on the number below, or check out this page for daily information. This information is also posted at the Glen Tilt Car park or on the Hillphones website.

Atholl Estates Hillphone – 01796 481740
Updated daily at 8am from 1st August to 20th October.

Fallow deer stalking takes place in the woods on Atholl Estates to north of Dunkeld, this is done to reduce the number of fallow deer in the woods to a sustainable population. Our woodland stalker always puts up a sign in the Cally Car Park when he is stalking in this area. You are asked simply to keep to the paths when the stalker is out.

Grouse shooting also takes place in the hills on the several days in August or September. There are no access restrictions for grouse shooting, but please give any shooting parties you see a wide berth and keep dogs under strict control. Grouse shooting information will also be given on the Hillphone.


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